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Graphite or Charcoal

         5" x 7"                    $175
         8" x 10"                  $300
         11" x 14"                $450
         16 " x 20 "              $600
         18 " x 24"               $750


Prices reflect one subject in a composition 
Prices fluctuate with size, complexity, and multiple subjects. Email for a specific quote

             ALLA PRIMA

Italian meaning “first attempt”

A wet into wet oil painting technique where the entire painting is achieved in one sitting. This style tends to be a it looser, with bold brushstrokes.

It makes a great alternative for a quick gift.
                         9” x 12” $100
                       11” x 14” $150

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8" x 10"              $550

11" x 14"            $750

16" x 20"            $875

18" x 24"            $1100

20" x 30"            $1250


• Do you have too many to choose from for just one portrait? Several subjects in one portrait is a fun way to incorporate all your pets! For each additional animal or pet will be an extra 50% than the original base price.

• Larger and custom sizes are available.


Painting animal portraits is a joy in itself, but having the client be a art of the process of commemoration and honoring their pet is something I love to do. The first steps are a discussion of size, black & white or color, backgrounds, etc. A contract is signed with a deposit upfront, and the rest upon delivery/completion. Reference photos are taken if client is local, or are emailed by the client to work from due to distance or deceased pet. Clients can watch their portrait come to life by following my Facebook art page. Emails are exchanged with the completed image, and a delivery date or shipment is set up.


If you are planning to take your own photographs, follow these helpful tips to make a stronger photo reference.

-Get down on the level your pet is on
-Try using trigger words (treat, cookie, walk) for alert eyes, ears and mouths
-Get close!
-Natural light (sun/window) helps photos stay in focus
-No flash!
Make sure to capture any unique markings
-Decide if you want a collar, harness, bridle, etc in the photo.

No worries if your pet is deceased, I will make any photos you have work!


6" x 9"                    $300

9" x 12"                  $450

11" x 14"                $600

16" x 20"                $750

18" x 24"                $850