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"Your portrait of our beloved Bailey is ,well...beyond words. Bailey came into our lives by accident, but from the moment he placed his head on my daughter's shoulder, we knew he had to stay forever. As a finished breed champion, he was simply breathtakingly gorgeous. After a few months, it was obvious that Bailey's true gift was much deeper than his obvious beauty. He spoke to humans in a way that some animals do...sensing their fear or loss and filling that void with absolute understanding. He became a certified therapy dog and graced the lives of so many patients at our local cancer center. Losing him was simply devastating, on so many levels, but we hoped to find an artist who could capture his "heart." Andrea's work is simply profound, as if she has found a way to connect to the most intimate path to a dog's soul. Each time we pass his portrait, we are reminded.....thanks to Andrea's incredible gift." - Tara T

"I have long admired Andrea's work, and as an aspiring pet portrait artist myself, I learned a great deal from her online teaching, including a course offered through the Craftsy platform. I contracted Andrea to paint a portrait of my Yellow Labrador, Soleil, in early 2016, and what I received was gorgeous and incredibly true to life. Andrea brings out the soul and essence of every animal she paints. She looked at several pictures of my dog before choosing the one that spoke to her, and then magic happened on the canvas. The portrait is something that I will treasure forever. And working with Andrea was delightful from start to finish. She was so very efficient with her interactions, and she also showed a true passion and enthusiasm for her work. This is not a job for her, but rather a calling and a love. Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your art and your teaching." - Paula B

"Andrea did an oil painting of my ten Golden Retrievers, past and present. It is my most treasured possession. Every time I look at it, it brings back so many happy memories and it makes me smile. The portraits are so life-like it looks as if I could reach out and feel the coolness of their noses. Words can not adequately express her talent as an artist."-Julie G

"I highly recommend animal portraiture by Andrea Gianchiglia. She is superbly talented and I have her artwork in every room of my house. She is equally talented in every medium of art. I have portraits of all of my animals (3 dogs and 3 horses) in several art medium choices. My horses are beautifully portrayed in huge oil paintings as well as graphite black and white drawings. My dogs are magnificently depicted in pastels and also graphites. Andrea's talent is a true god given gift and I highly recommend her for all of your portrait commissions. Her beautiful portraits have been so perfectly done, that gifts that I have given to friends have brought them to tears as soon as they see her work. She's that good!  I have also taken art classes myself with her and found some talents I didn't know I had. She's an excellent instructor.  I think it's very safe to say that I will be hiring  Andrea for many, many years to come." - Deb S

"The portrait of Yoda was so perfect, and so life like. My friends were so surprised when I presented it to them. They love it and so do the many friends that have seen it and knew Yoda. Yoda is hanging on their wall. People always ask who drew it. It is so true to life. Thank You so much. It was such a pleasure doing business with you." - Karen S